May 302011

Michael Hancock from Hearts Of Palm

Theatre Intangible takes a field trip to Cincinnati, Ohio for the inaugural FauxBeAn’t Art Fair: a circuit-bent, ant-themed, music & video festival starring THRIFTSORE BORATORIUM, CMKT4, HEARTS OF PALM, PELZWICK & DINGER, TALKING COMPUTRON, HARDON COLLIDER, MICHAEL UNA, and the father of circuit-bending REED GHAZALA! We play clips from the performances and interview GetLoFi‘s Alex Deeba, UNATRONICS founder Michael Una, Michael Hancock of HEARTS OF PALM, and Nebula Girl, 1/2 Mang, and TheJunkardCatalyst from THRIFTSORE BORATORIUM.


Nearly everyone we interviewed will be at the 4th annual EXPERIMENTAL GARAGE SALE in Chicago, Illinois on June 4th. Some of the most creative instrument-makers are bringing some of their wildest customized gear to sell directly to you. EGS features performances by the sellers, hands-on demos, and the coolest garage sale this side of Narnia. I grew so excited after talking with builders Alex Deeba, Michael Una, and Thriftsore Boratorium that I decided to splurge on a plane ticket and attend! And don’t worry. I’ll bring my trusty field recorder for a future T.I. episode.

The full sets in high-quality MP3: (Right-click and “save as” or follow to stream.)

Talking Computron
Thriftsore Boratorium
Hearts of Palm
Pelzwick & Dinger
Hardon Collider

(Zip file of all 5 sets.)

Mentioned in this episode: Tim Kaiser, Hive13 Hackerspace, Art Damage, Mother/Daughter Crime Team, The Circuit Benders’ Ball. As always, if you like the show, tell a friend or leave us feedback on iTunes.

“The FauxBeAn’t Art Fair took place in March of 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out the podcast about the event at”

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