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Oct 212011

Every October, Halloweird! descends upon Theatre Intangible, and we devote the month’s podcasts to all things Halloween. You may have noticed it’s been October for 21 days now. For that, I must apologize. It’s been an incredibly busy, stressful, and productive 21 days full of concerts, recordings, and commitments. But we’re going to make it up to you by cramming as many special Halloween podcasts into the last 9 days as we can. Starting with this spooky Adventure Bomb improv performed October 8th at Noa Noa. This one features Lola Koeune, Cody Bottoms, and Adventure Bomb, my scoop and loop moniker. Enjoy!

Jul 202011

On September 8th, 2008, I stood in the WRVU master control room next to three completely nude string players. I was more than a little worried that we were going to get kicked off the air. Sure, the web cam had yet to be installed. Sure, there were no “official” clothing policies. Yes, it was 1AM in a deserted building. But this WAS WRVU we were talking about. Board members were scared to death of the FCC, and they exercised the chilling effect with a hypochondriac’s eye for detail.

The avant-jazz improv outfit  CJ BOYD SEXTET (now the KIRTAN CHOIR) were in town for a performance at Cafe Coco. They liked playing nude. Who was I to get in the way? We commandeered the studio at 1am Monday morning to record the very first artist showcase on Theatre Intangible. Regulars Lola Koeune and Melody Holt (The Violet Vixen) joined members CJ Boyd, Lauren Eison, Noah Peacock for the third and final segment. The results are quite beautiful.

And thankfully, we didn’t get kicked off the air. That would come later for Get It On with Dave Cloud.

CJ Boyd later released this session as a cd called Deep in the Outside. The image above is the cover. You can purchase it on the Kirtan Choir Bandcamp page.

Lola Koeune just released a new solo cd titled Ha Na Na Na available on CD Baby and Amazon. I’ve been listening to it nonstop for 2 weeks. It’s by far my favorite release of the year. If there’s one T.I. participant who has the potential for super-stardom, it’s Lola. Do yourself a favor and buy the new cd.

CJ plays bass guitar, harmonica, boomwhackers, beatbox, and sings; Lola sings and plays kalimba; Lauren plays violin and sings; Noah plays the tender train box, other small percussion, acoustic guitar, and sings; Melody Holt sings.

Oct 252010
Tim Kaiser at the Circuit Benders Ball

Tim Kaiser live at Circuit Benders’ Ball 2010. Photo by Stephen Zerne.

Yesterday’s Circuit Benders’ Ball at Open Lot was an enormous success. Both workshops were completely filled, and every performance was brilliant in its own unique way. Garbed in tribal space outfits, CMKT4 emerged out of a smoky sliding van door and proceeded to mesmerize the house. Thriftsore Boratorium brought the show out to the loading dock and handed everyone a transistor radio that broadcast the live feed. Tim Kaiser set up his gear on the floor for an intimate and breathtaking ambient performance. Robbie Hunsinger, Blight Side of Life, Ben Marcantell, DaveX, Jeremy Walker, and Freya West were all amazing, as were the many talented visual artists.

For tonight’s podcast, we give you the final performance of the night: Theatre Intangible Live with Tim Kaiser, 1/2 Mang (Thriftsore Boratorium), DaveX, Jeremy Walker, and Lola Wilson (A Parade). Most had never played together and were asked to very quickly pick a single instrument for the performance. The results are quite cohesive, surprising given the performers’ varied styles; unsurprising given their razor-sharp instincts.

I know I promised the Halloween Extravagana 3 this week. That will have to be bumped to next week. For now, enjoy this very fine live set from some of the best benders in the business.

Tim Kaiser — Tim Kaiser builds experimental musical instruments and creates atmospheric sonic landscapes. He has been featured in Make Magazine, Wired, the AP and New Art Examiner. His video, installation and performance art projects have been presented in Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Hong Kong, Cuba, Canada, Philladelphia, New York and Chicago. His instruments are sought after by artists around the world.

Thriftsore Boratorium — Out of Circuitastrophe Cincinnati 08, Karl the junkyardcatalyst and 1/2 Mang decided to start the Thriftsore Boratorium; a lab where people can come and experiment, work, troubleshoot, record, jam, circuit-bend, modify, design, make robots, etc. Thriftsore Boratorium puts their creations to task in their mind-bending live shows. They’re cooking up something special for the Circuit Benders Ball. Check out this great Robotic Barbie Sing-a-Long bend by Boratorium member 1/2 Mang.

Lola Wilson — Co-founder of the Captain Beefheart/Art Bears-inspired A Parade (with T.I. all-star Cody Bottoms) and the experimental solo project I Am Pazuzu, Lola is a singer and songwriter with individuality, depth, and great talent.

DaveX — a certified and licensed raconteur, DaveX is best-known as providing the real-life inspiration for Artax, the depressive horse featured briefly in the 1984 motion picture, “The Neverending Story.” Following his Emmy-nominated voice work on the animated spinoff series, “Artax’s Diner,” DaveX took full credit from his team at Bell Labs for the pioneering invention of various geometric forms. He is currently living off the royalities for the wildly successful “circle,” which he describes as “something like a curvy square.” Ordinary folks are encouraged to listen to a fifteen-minute looping audio biography of DaveX broadcast weekly at WDBX-FM and WSIU-FM on the programs It’s Too Damn Early and Sounds Like Radio. He also runs the experimental music blog Startling Moniker.

Jeremy Walker — His work focuses on reclaiming process, material, and content. Jeremy Walker creates unconventional instruments by altering found electrical circuits. By manipulating the intended function of the circuit, he’s able to emphasize its hidden, organic qualities. Each work is intended to conjure a certain child-like curiosity to investigate, to touch and to learn. By inviting direct interaction between the viewer and sound, Jeremy enables the participant to take the place of performer. Jeremy graduated from Watkins College of Art & Design and is currently enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University to pursue a BFA in Sculpture.

Apr 262010

It was November 4th, 2007, and I stood in the WRVU on-air studios with a few friends, laying out slide whistles, balloons, air pianos, and other instruments for the evening’s improv.  Theatre Intangible was about to do its second WRVU live improv, On Air, a treatise on . . . erm . . . air, made exclusively on air instruments (get it?).  This show stars Cody Bottoms and Lola Wilson from A Parade, Gordon Roque, Melody Holt, and myself.  This show is particularly haunting, due in large part to Lola’s bellowing, enigmatic vocal air instrument.  Last year, we did an “On Air Volume 2.”  Look for that episode on this podcast very soon.  For now, here’s the original.  Enjoy.