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Jan 292012

Patrick Becker at GMX11

Theatre Intangible was asked to host two circuit bending panels at last October’s Geek Media Expo, Nashville’s premier multi-fandom convention. In the first panel, Circuit Bending 101, we broke open some toys and showed people how to make simple bends. In Circuit Bending 201, we performed. Podcast 79 is that performance.

The GMX11 performance features BRIDGET VENUTI (Aether Jag), JOSH GUMIELA (Foster Dad), PIMPDADDYSUPREME, and maker-extraordinaire PATRICK BECKER.

GMX hosted the panels in multiple rooms at a local hotel and convention center. Panelists were given just 10 minutes to prepare the room after the previous panelists left. I’m not sure what the creative writing panel thought of the weirdos in the hallway armed with abused toys and wirey contraptions. (Come to think of it, they probably weren’t fazed. One word: Steampunk!) As we were setting up the equipment, the room started to fill with eager faces. By the time we started playing, we had amassed quite a crowd! As a gun-shy member of the Nashville experimental community, where a crowd of five is a good night, I wasn’t expecting this. As it turns out, the convention-goers really seemed to enjoy learning about circuit-bending. This was counter to my only other experience of doing Theatre Intangible live at a convention: Podcamp 2010.  (See Podcast 12: Live at Podcamp Nashville.) At that Barcamp-style conference about social media, search engine optimization, and pretty much anything BUT podcasting, we drew a crowd of two. I believe the reactions were so different because GMX is at its heart a convention about creativity. Podcamp is at its heart a convention about technology. As much as I love technology, I’ll take the creative people any day of the week.

All in all, Geek Media Expo 2011 was an absolute blast, and I would be honored to participate next year.

What’s circuit bending? Find out here.

Nov 052011

“That’s when I knew that I had the supernatural anointment of one of the otherlee conduits of miraculous divine healing. So now. . . reconstruct the eardrum! Polka! Listen to the polka!” – Dave Cloud – 4th Annual Halloween Extravaganza

Join punk music legend Dave Cloud and a ragtag group of disparate instrumentalist for the most bizarre episode to date. Dave recounts the haunting tale of the evil 22 year old succubus who tempted him during his beach-front honeymoon. Is it scary? Perhaps not. Will it drive you insane? Most likely. Starring Rhendi Greenwell, Josh Gumiela, Mike Hiegemann, Randy Hunt, Pimpdaddysupreme, and the inimitable Dave Cloud! Featuring the screams of Mara Bissel and Clara Fisher. Be warned: This episode is explicit and potentially offensive to . . . well . . . everyone, especially if you’re one of Dave’s ex-wives.

In the words of Dave Cloud, “DIE REAL GOOD!”

If you like this episode, check out the previous three Halloween Extravaganzas: One, Two, and Three.

Oct 272011

MICROWAVE WINDOWS and a group of noise all-stars converged on the back porch of Noa Noa for a late night, spine-tingling, bone-chilling Halloween improvisation. Recorded live October 15th, 2011 to an audience of two, featuring Brandon from MICROWAVE WINDOWS on guitar, John Hancock from ELECTRIC INERTIA on trumpet, Josh Gumiela from FOSTER DAD on electronics and circuit bending, and Pimpdaddysupreme and Matt Lane from WORKSHOPPE RADIO PHONIK on turntables, samples, harmonica, and more. I did the live mixing, mastering, and some editing for the purposes of pacing.

Stay tuned next week for another special Halloween episode. If you like the show, tell a friend or leave us feedback in iTunes.

Dec 232010

Kandinsky “Several Circles”

Today’s episode Knocking Space saved Theatre Intangible. It was August 2009, and Theatre Intangible just got banned from WRVU radio for the episode Get It On With Dave Cloud. We had no home. Everything was in limbo. I didn’t know what to do. I only knew that we had to keep recording, keep the momentum. So on 8/2/2009, eleven of us piled into my basement, armed with accordions, saxophones, trumpets, tubas, windsticks, harmonicas, toy flutes, real flutes, melodicas, shop vacs, air pianos, and voices; turned on the reel to reel; and kept Theatre Intangible alive.

With no place to broadcast the episode, I released it as a Mediafire download on our now-defunct Myspace page and kept recording new shows. In December of 2009, we premiered the podcast and website TheatreIntangible.com. Knocking Space remained unreleased in podcast form until now.

The episode was original titled On Air Volume 2, named after the first all-wind instrument improv, On Air. (Check it out here.)

Knocking Space features Charlie Rauh, Chris Rauh, Jamison Sevitts, Joe Hudson, Craig Schenker, Pimpdaddysupreme, Dave Maddox, Melody Holt, Gordon Roque, and Anthony William Herndon. I did the live mixing, some editing, and post production. This was the first thing I ever recorded on my Tascam 80-8 ½ reel to reel tape machine. We recorded in four 15-minute increments, mixing live, using two left/right tracks for each section.

If you like the show, tell a friend or write a review in iTunes.. Want to play on Theatre Intangible? Send an e-mail to tony@theatreintangible.com for information on how to participate on one of our improvs.

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