Jan 182012

Here’s podcast 78 The Ocean and the Sea starring BREY MCCOY and ANTHONY WILLIAM HERNDON from the Paducah, Kentucky experimental group METRONOME THEREMIN. We recorded this synth-filled noise-fest in August of last year.

This is the first podcast I mastered and edited in a program other than Soundtrack Pro. I finally put to rest my senile Mac G5 and replaced it with a Xubuntu Linux machine. I really wanted to use open source audio editing software.

Unfortunately, nothing in the open source world holds a candle to Soundtrack Pro (not even Ardour, at least for waveform editing). And Alsa was an absolute beast to configure properly. So after a month of pulling my hair out and putting off the next podcast release, I broke down and installed Windows 7 inside Virtualbox and purchased Adobe Audition. I feel dirty. Is it as good as my 5 year old copy of Soundtrack Pro? No. Will it work? That remains to be seen.

Ahem! And now without further tech talk, here’s “The Ocean and the Sea.”