Sep 022011

Luis Gonzalez

T.I. participant Ben Marcantel tipped me off to a very cool art exhibition this Saturday at the unlikeliest of places: Dive bar mecca Springwater Supper Club (since they don’t serve food, the supper is presumably four courses of PBR). Ben’s solo experimental Gameboy-glitch project SUGAR SK*-*LLS will be on hand to provide tunes in addition to 7 other DJs and bands. Here’s what Ben has to say about the show:

I’m quite excited to let you know that this Saturday at the storied Springwater Supper Club the GORILLA ART EXHIBITION will be featuring the work of my brilliant friend LUIS GONZALEZ (CIPACTONAL). I will also be playing/crooning my newest 8bit and pysche-dance jams via SUGAR SK*-*LLS. I’m scheduled to go on around midnight but be sure to come earlier to scope out the work of the talented pool of artists as they transform Springwater into a gallery…! You’ll definitely find something incredible for your collection at a steal.

Gorilla Art Exhibition
Saturday, September 3rd, 9pm-2am
Springwater Supper Club, Nashville, TN


Catie Gooch
Dave Noel
Xian Ho
Ameena Lessner
Roxy Graham wearing the original clothing designs by Redmen

Bands and DJs:

Block Stompaz
Spanish Bombs
Sonar Fleece
Duro 1
An Unknown Elemnt
DJ Tomo
White Dread
Sugar Sk*-*lls