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May 012013

Pediastrum simplex_3

Here’s episode 96: Cenobium Artist Showcase.

Cenobium is an evolving collective of improv musicians based out of Nashville. Exploring the worlds of post modern jazz and the avant garde, Cenobium pushes the boundaries of improvised acoustic music. For this event, Cenobium took the form as a trio featuring Craig Schenker on saxophone, Randy Hunt on upright bass, and Jamison Sevits on trumpet.

I recorded this performance at Gallery F on October 10th, 2011 as part of the exhibition Scientists and Artists Picture the Intangible. Tim Kaiser, Jeremy Walker, and Santa’s Workshop also performed. We released the Jeremy Walker performance as a free download and the Santa’s Workshop performance as Theatre Intangible episode 75. Thanks for listening.

Apr 282013

Here’s Theatre Intangible podcast 93: Evans/Laplante/Schenker/Sevits, starring Peter Evans, Travis Laplante, Craig Schenker, and Jamison Sevits.

New York free improvisation artists Peter Evans and Travis Laplante performed a show at Noa Noa on May 15th, 2012 organized by Nashville’s Craig Schenker. See excerpts of their solo sets in the videos below. After the show, we recorded this incendiary improv, featuring Peter Evans on trumpet, Travis LaPlante on saxophone, Craig Schenker on saxophone, Jamison Sevits on trumpet, and all four on various woodwinds. I did the recording, live mixing, editing, and mastering.

Travis LaPlante plays in the band Little Women, as a solo saxophonist, and with the tenor saxophone quartet Battle Trance. His solo album Heart Protector released to rave reviews in 2011, and Little Women’s brand new album Lung is available now at aumfidelity.com.

Peter Evans plays with the Peter Evans Quartet, International Contemporary Ensemble, Alarm Will Sound, Continuum, and Ensemble 21, as a solo saxophonist, and with many jazz luminaries, including Peter Brotzmann, Evan Parker, Mary Halvorson Fred Frith, and Weasel Walter. He just released the debut recording of his “Zebulon” trio with John Hébert and Kassa Overall, recorded at and named after the now defunct Brooklyn club. It’s available on MoreIsMoreRecords.com.

Mar 082012

Photo by Mike Hiegemann


I’m very pleased to present podcast 81: Ghosts in the Hollow, starring THOMAS HELTON on double bass, STEVEN DUNNING on violin, RANDY HUNT on double bass, CRAIG SCHENKER on saxophone, and TOMMY STANGROOM on percussion.

I recorded the episode live to 2 track at the Gallery F closing reception on February 26th, 2012. Billed as Theatre Intangible Live, the performance was downright spine-tingling. Thomas was at Gallery F on tour, promoting his new video I, a collaboration with video artist, Jonathan Jindra. We were very lucky to have him participate in the improv!

Thomas Helton is a composer and experimental jazz double bassist from Houston, Texas. He plays like a man possessed, lost in communication with some invisible entity, blind to everything but his instrument and the music. Thomas appeared on one of my favorite T.I. podcasts to date, Podcast 9 –  Crow Helton Rauh Schenker.

There were several other great performances at the Gallery F closing show, and, as usual, I recorded all I could. I’ll post them soon and link to them here. (Watch this space.)

If you like the show, tell a friend or leave us feedback on iTunes. Here’s Ghosts in the Hollow. Thanks for listening!

Oct 172011

Georges Braque – Houses at L’Estaque – 1908

Here’s episode 69, Art Waves, the third of three Theatre Intangible presentations, performed live at Gallery F on August 27th, 2011. The performances all sought to bridge the gap between science and art. Check out the previously-released Brainwaves and Space Waves.

Art Waves features Craig Schenker on saxophone and Jamison Sevits on trumpet. Their performance is new interpretation of Steve Lacy’s song cycle Tips, composed in 1979 for voice, soprano sax, and alto sax. The pieces were responses to text selections from the notebooks of painter Georges Braque.

Here’s an excerpt from Steve Lacy’s notes to Tips (1980):

These are aphorisms, speculations, observations, but especially, advice to himself as an artist, and to all other artists.

Last year, I took fourteen of these phrases, and set them, in a chosen order, for voice and soprano and alto saxophones. Illustrated by the improvised sections, the result is a sort of ‘casebook cantata’, and a working examination into the nature of free play, in this case between two saxophonists, but also about preparation and spontaneity, and of music and information.

Craig and Jamison chose a selection of the pieces and arranged them for trumpet and saxophone. Here are the quotes they chose:

1. We will never have any peace. The present is perpetual.
2. I want to be in tune with nature rather than copy it.
3. Art is made to trouble. Science reassures.
4. Limited means lead to new forms, invite creation, make style.
5. Echo answers echo. All is repercussion.
6. With Age, art and life become one.