Apr 062011

Ever wonder what it was like in the rough and tumble late nineties? Step into the time machine in this WIDB-era Prefab Audio Extrapolation and learn about the trends gripping America’s youth. Like pork*.

* This show sponsored by The Pork Growers of America.

Starring DaveX, Tony Youngblood, Mike Hackett, Tom Denney, and a bunch of other people I can’t remember at the moment. Features probably my favorite moment of any WIDB show — Mike Hackett’s rap. And the most annoying-yet-endearing moment in any episode period — my brother Wes Youngblood’s timeless ditty Hog Farm. He used to come in my bedroom early in the morning and wake me up with it.

Feb 142011

Drumroll please. . . For the 51st podcast of Theatre Intangible, we present a real banger from the WIDB Prefab Audio Extrapolations version of the show — The Modern Sounds of Percussion — recorded on February 10th, 2000, starring DaveX and myself.

This show actually does sound pretty modern for something recorded 11 years ago. It’s arrhythmic, spastic, and dirty. In short, I like it! Enjoy.

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Jan 042011

There are lots of great new improvs in the works, but today we bring you the classic flavor to quench your thirst — Beverages, the eighth episode from the Prefab Audio Extrapolation days at WIDB, recorded way back in 1998 (or ’99).

Beverages features some old cola marketing campaign tapes, exercise records, crazy call-ins, and more fizz than a club soda. Featuring DaveX, Tom Denney, and myself. Enjoy.

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Dec 112010

DaveX at the 2010 Circuit Benders Ball. Photo by Stephen Zerne. Visuals by Kelli Shay Hix.

DaveX is an experimental composer who also hosts the weekly experimental radio shows It’s Too Damn Early on WDBX and Sounds Like Radio on WSIU, both in Carbondale, Illinois. On todays’s podcast, we talk with Dave about his myriad of projects and play his 2010 Circuit Benders’ Ball set in its entirety. For more DaveX goodness, check out the Theatre Intangible blog interview.

Mentioned in this episode: Southern Illinois Noise Summit, Startling Moniker, Style City, Amy Horvey – Catchment, Monochrome Vision, Luigi Russolo Competition, The Free Players, Last Visible Dog Records, Electric Kitten VomitPublic Eyesore Records.

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