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Sep 192010

Big Rig Jig Sculpture at Burning Man 2007

Highways Stars was recorded on Friday, September 17th and features John Bohannon from New York City’s Ancient Ocean and Justin Wright from Kansas City’s Expo 70. John plays guitar. Justin plays guitar and Moog synthesizer. This performance was the first time John and Justin ever met, much less played together. Nashville is the first stop on their 2010 tour. If they’re coming to a town near you, do yourself a favor and check them out. It’s a pretty fantastic live show.

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Expo 70 / Ancient Ocean 2010 Tour:

Sep 19 2010 – Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
Sep 20 2010- TBA w/ Andrew Weathers – Greensboro, NC
Sep 21 2010 – The-Bridge – Charlottesville, VA
Sep 21 2010 – The-Bridge – Charlottesville, VA
Sep 22 2010 – Sonic Circuits Festival w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Li Tiegiao – Washington, D.C.
Sep 24 2010 – Highwire Gallery with MV/EE – Philadelphia, PA
Sep 25 2010 – Death By Audio – Brooklyn, NY
Sep 28 2010 – AS220 – Providence, Rhode Island

Apr 122010

John Bohannon, the force behind the experimental psyche-folk band Ancient Ocean, was visiting Nashville from New York for just one day, and he had asked me to assemble an improv for him. We decided on the extremely-capable participants Craig Schenker (saxophone), Jamison Sevitts (trumpet), and Tommy Stangroom (drums). John played electric guitar and lap steel. We were on a VERY tight schedule. For this thirty-three minute improv, we had about an hour and a half from set up to break down. The just-do-it vibe really adds to this show’s vitality and spontaneity. John’s only direction was to play in the vein of Jack Johnson era Miles Davis. The players delivered in spades.

I had just put some old stock Mullard tubes in my Art Tube preamp/compressors and gave them a spin for this show. I’m really quite happy with the sound. The setup is extremely simple: One mic on each instrument mixed to my Mackie 8 channel mixer, sent stereo to my Art mic pre/compressors and then recorded 16 bit 48 khz by my Marantz digital field recorded. If I had things to do over again, I would probably move the mic a few more feet away from the trumpet to give it more room and turn up the saxophone, which at times gets lost in the mix. Otherwise, this is one of the best sounding shows we’ve done thus far. Enjoy.

Jan 112010

Starring Charlie Rauh, Chris Rauh, John Bohannon, John Westberry, DaveX, and Tony Youngblood.

It’s Sunday, January 10th, 2010 and today’s episode is The Sound of Teeth.

We recorded this episode in my basement on August 22nd, 2009 live on a Tascam 80-8 ½” 8 track reel to reel.  It’s taken me this long to edit it.  The Sound of Teeth features Charlie Rauh on Guitar, Chris Rauh on Bass, John Bohannon on Accoustic Guitar and Effects, John Westberry on Drums, and myself on Jenn Analog Synth and Field Recordings.   Some of the field recordings were pulled from Freesound.org. (See below for Freesound contributors.)  DaveX contributed the show narrative.  I did the live mixing, the post-mixing, and the editing.

The Sound of Teeth was the second episode we recorded on the reel to reel and the first of which to premiere on this podcast.  The sound of the tape gives the episode a real organic, textural quality – further explored by the addition of various forms of hiss & pop, such as vinyl clicks, mosquitoes, frying oil, and dirt in the volume knob of an old electric organ.   All of the performers on this episode really shine, and it’s one of our best yet.  It was a hell of a job to edit.  Enjoy.

The following samples were used under a Creative Commons license from Freesound.org.  The usernames of the sound creators follow the number in the track titles.  Extra special thanks to Freesound and the contributors.