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Feb 082010

Pit of Roar, Theatre Intangible Podcast Volume 8, originally broadcast on WRVU December 30th, 2007.

I had imagined more of a bottomless pit that roars but this roaring pit bull will have to suffice.

Cody Bottoms and Melody Holt joined me in-studio for one of my favorite and one of the most unique shows we’ve ever done.   I call this type of show a Scoop & Loop show, a technique all about catching prerecorded moments and evolving them into something else, live and off-the-cuff.

My brother had just let me borrow his two Dennon cd turntables, and I wanted to do a show utilizing them. So I went to my trusty Jen Synth and Casio SK1 and started recording some tracks. But then I kept thinking to myself that it needed some sort of rhythmic talking. What profession has the most rhythmic talking? Auctioneering, of course! Thus began my search for creative commons recordings of auctioneers. And my search landed me on the profile page of Alphahog on the website, FreeSound. Alphahog had recorded several auctioneers — and it was perfect for my show. That search ignited my love of Freesound, and I pulled many other choice field recordings for this episode. Many thanks to the artists who recorded these sounds!

Here is a list of the contributors from Freesound, the web’s premiere creative commons sound effect sharing site:

Auction sounds by Alphahog; church sound by andrew1280; strange bird, gulls and waves by crk365; 3 year old singing, chickens, steps on various surfaces, streets at night, and forest by Erdie; grafton peace padoga by lgarrett; monk sounds by bondegi; church chant by shewbox; storm (him chanting), monks, and mongolian overtone practice by djgriffin; and evil incantation and footsteps in the snow by incarnadine.

Jan 112010

Starring Charlie Rauh, Chris Rauh, John Bohannon, John Westberry, DaveX, and Tony Youngblood.

It’s Sunday, January 10th, 2010 and today’s episode is The Sound of Teeth.

We recorded this episode in my basement on August 22nd, 2009 live on a Tascam 80-8 ½” 8 track reel to reel.  It’s taken me this long to edit it.  The Sound of Teeth features Charlie Rauh on Guitar, Chris Rauh on Bass, John Bohannon on Accoustic Guitar and Effects, John Westberry on Drums, and myself on Jenn Analog Synth and Field Recordings.   Some of the field recordings were pulled from Freesound.org. (See below for Freesound contributors.)  DaveX contributed the show narrative.  I did the live mixing, the post-mixing, and the editing.

The Sound of Teeth was the second episode we recorded on the reel to reel and the first of which to premiere on this podcast.  The sound of the tape gives the episode a real organic, textural quality – further explored by the addition of various forms of hiss & pop, such as vinyl clicks, mosquitoes, frying oil, and dirt in the volume knob of an old electric organ.   All of the performers on this episode really shine, and it’s one of our best yet.  It was a hell of a job to edit.  Enjoy.

The following samples were used under a Creative Commons license from Freesound.org.  The usernames of the sound creators follow the number in the track titles.  Extra special thanks to Freesound and the contributors.