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Jul 112012

It’s day 4 of the Great Podcast Releasathon 2012!(tm), and this is episode 88, Prong and Spittle, featuring Bobobobobob on Sequential Circuits Prophet synthesizer, William Davis on electric kazoo through Chaos Pad, Paul Cane on ukelele through guitar pedals, and myself on Boss RC-50 Looper, SK-1, bent sleep machine, and bent audio book. Prong and Spittle was the 11th episode of the WRVU era of Theatre Intangible, recorded April 6th 2008. Listening to this gets me nostalgic for the early WRVU crew. William Davis and Paul Cain have since moved away from Nashville. [Update 2012-07-23. Paul tells me he’s back in Nashville!] Bobobobobob has been keeping busy refinishing his house after the 2010 flood, but he tells me the repairs are almost complete. I hope to have him on again soon! There’s nothing quite so wonderful as a well-tempered 70’s analog synth.

Check back tomorrow for a WIDB-era episode in which we spoofed a Christian call in show.

Apr 042011

Robbie Hunsinger live at Betty's

Here are some images from April 2nd’s Betty’s concert, featuring Robbie Hunsinger, Prince Howard (William Davis), and Adventure Bomb (my new solo project.) Craig Schenker played sax on the first two sets. I recorded my set, but unfortunately, the recording is clippy and unusable. 🙁

Special thanks to Tommy for taking all the pics of Prince Howard and me!


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Mar 292011

Robbie Hunsinger Self Portrait captured by a hacked Xbox Kinect

I’m excited to announce a very special show taking place Saturday, April 2nd at Betty’s Bar & Grill. ROBBIE HUNSINGER will be performing an interactive audio/video set using a hacked Xbox Kinect, wi-mote, oboe, Chinese oboe, and soprano sax. Here’s a clip from her performance at last year’s Circuit Benders Ball:


William Davis from Oh No It’s Howard will be premiering a brand new setup as PRINCE HOWARD. His new project is a departure from the Venetian-Snares-influenced Oh No It’s Howard and is best described as noise-dub. CRAIG SCHENKER (Square People) will be sitting in with both artists.

And finally, I’ll be unveiling my brand new experimental Scoop and Loop solo project ADVENTURE BOMB. Scoop and Loop is a term of my own invention. The definition might be, “capturing sounds from the immediate vicinity, scooping sections, and building loops.” The idea is to sample the other bands, the audience, and the environment; throw it all in the air; and build something on the fly. I use cd turntables, loop pedals, and various effects. The project is partially inspired by the pioneering film makers who would travel from town to town and make a movie in a week, using local people and landmarks. They would screen the film for the townsfolk, take donations (and advertising revenues), and then do it all over again for the next town. ADVENTURE BOMB is like that, except with sound. To give you an idea, check out previous Scoop & Loop improvs WRITING HOME, IONIZE, and PIT OF ROAR.

I’ve performed an experimental set a few times in the past, but this is the first time I’m using the moniker ADVENTURE BOMB. It could be disastrous. It could be pretty cool. Come to Betty’s this Saturday to find out!

If you’re thinking of going, sign up on the Facebook event page.

9pm, Saturday, April 2nd, no cover
Betty’s Bar & Grill, 407 49th Avenue North, Nashville, TN
Robbie Hunsinger
Prince Howard (William Davis)
Adventure Bomb (Tony Youngblood)

Feb 072011

In this episode:

  • THEATRE INTANGIBLE breaks into WRVU for one last in-station show!
  • A VSC BOARD MEMBER calls the COPS!
  • CODY BOTTOMS takes his clothes off for the webcam!
  • Trainee TERRY finds his broadcast voice!

THEATRE INTANGIBLE celebrates our 50th podcast by performing LIVE from our original home 91.1 WRVU fm on the campus of Vanderbilt University. As you might remember, I was kicked off of WRVU and permanently banned from the station. Luckily, my door key scan card still works. I’m joined Theatre Intangible’s first guest ever Cody Bottoms (THE MANPOWER), early collaborator William Davis (OH NO IT’S HOWARD), and ex-host of the also-banned WRVU show GET UP STAND UP Mark Anundson.

Things start off smoothly with calls from champion wrestler Jocephus The Shelby Street Brawler and WRVU’s POCKET NINJAS’ host Amanda Tucker. Things get a bit out of hand when Mark busts out the alcohol, we get a call from VSC Board Member Dick Shell, and a dj trainee hiding in the control booth becomes our “reluctant” guest. We barricade the door with the station couch and hunker down for an all-out siege.

We discuss VSC president Chris Carroll, Director of Student Media Jim Hayes, and since-resigned student general manager Mikil Taylor. Board member Dick Shell calls to complain and lets slip a shocking revelation about the sale of WRVU that you are most definitely NOT going to like.

Featuring call-ins by T.I. participants pimpdaddysupreme, Chris Rauh (Arclyte), Chris Murray and Craig Schenker (Square People), and Joseph Hudson (Dave Cloud). More calls from officer MacBeth, Officer Fritz, Hostage Negotiator Lieutenant McKinley, Amanda Tucker, Tiffany, Kurt, and trainee Terry’s mother Misty.

With music by T.I. participants Tim Kaiser, Ken Soper, Strotter Inst., Leslie Keffer, Anthony William Herndon, DaveX, pimpdaddysupreme, Lawrence Crow, Mark Anundson, and WORLD PREMIERE tracks by Square People Jazz Maturity and Lylas recorded exclusively for Theatre Intangible!

Special thanks to Brad Edwards, Sean Parrot, Ben Sullivan, Melody Holt, Tommy Stangroom, and most especially Jesse Perry. Mark, Brad, Sean, and Jesse are all podcasters too. Check out their many shows, including HAPPY FOR APATHY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY, and MANGY DOG RADIO HOUR WHOOP-DEE-DOO.

If you like the show, tell a friend or write a review in iTunes. And without further ado, we bring you, the Theatre Intangible 50th Podcast Spectacular!

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