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Mar 192014

Roth Mobot Circuit Bent Prayer Clock

Time is running out to donate to the 2014 Circuit Benders’ Ball Kickstarter campaign, which ends Thursday, March 20th at 1:47pm Central time. Lots of great prizes remain, including a tangible item mailing service in which artist Megan Kelley occasionally mails you custom swag for an indefinite amount of time ($100) and TWO toys circuit bent by Tom Stephenson of 2012 CBB headliner Roth Mobot ($150).

Tom bent these toys especially for CBB Kickstarter contributors, and he just posted demos!

First up is this positively evil bent prayer clock, absent a few heads:


And then there’s this bent “Baby Driver” toy that makes fantastic noises:

Both are still available at the time of this writing. The first to pledge $150 gets first pick. Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign and help us make this the best Ball yet!

Feb 182014

Patrick from Roth Mobot helps Brandon bend a guitar pedal at the 2012 Ball. Photo by Ryan Schemmel.

We just launched the 2014 Circuit Benders’ Ball Kickstarter. Help us bring artists from around the world!

We’re also seeking business partners to sponsor the Ball. Official sponsors get a “sponsored by” credit on all posters, press materials, websites and social messaging sites. Sponsors can also subsidize individual workshops and presentations. If your company is interested, contact me at tony@theatreintangible.com.

Feb 072013


beautyofmyland live at Frequency Fridays, 10/05/2012

beautyofmyland live at Frequency Fridays, 10/05/2012

The Fuse Factory
, a Columbus, Ohio based nonprofit arts organization, recently launched a Kickstarter for their 2013 Frequency Fridays season. You might know them as the organizers of the 2012 Columbus Circuit Benders’ Ball. Their latest Kickstarter campaign will go towards bringing cutting edge experimental artists to Columbus, including 2012 Nashville Circuit Benders’ Ball participants Roth Mobot.

Fuse Factory is an incredible organization that should serve as a role model for all hackerspaces and media arts labs. When we organized the 2013 Circuit Benders’ Ball, we used their previous Kickstarters as models.

Please consider donating, and if you find yourself in Columbus, check out the events!

Here are the upcoming Frequency Fridays events:

March 1, 2013
Roth Mobot – Chicago, IL
XAMBUCA – Asheville, NC
Michael Wall – Columbus, OH

April 5, 2013
Controlled Bleeding – Long Island, NY
Jeff Chenault + Michael Shiflet – Columbus, OH
Truus de Groot – San Diego, CA
Bokeh – Bradley, IL

May 3, 2013
Phillipe Petit – Marsailles, FR
Yaktronix – Houston, TX
Glacial Communications – Cleveland, OH
Samuel Hoar – Columbus, OH

June 7, 2013
PAS – Brooklyn, NY
Duet for Theramin and Lap Steel – Atlanta, GA
Central Inhabitants – Columbus, OH
Lon C Diehl – Port Huron, MI

Sep 282012

2012 Circuit Benders’ Ball Nashville

A celebration of hardware hacking, art, music, and the creative spirit.

Saturday, September 29th at Brick Factory Nashville

Sponsored by:

Workshops 10am to 7pm.

Art and music 8pm to 1am, $15 at door or until September 27th via Kickstarter.

Brick Factory Nashville
(Inside Cummins Station)
Suite 126
209 10th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37203

Get tickets to the Ball and lots of great rewards via our Kickstarter campaign!

What is Circuit Bending?

“Circuit Bending is the creative recycling of common discarded technology, often children’s toys, by opening the device and soldering in new connections to create unique musical and video instruments.” – Roth Mobot

What makes circuit bending so cool is that ANYONE can do it! All you need is curiosity, a screwdriver, and a willingness to experiment. Circuit bending is a gateway into electronics, art, music, and making!

What is the Circuit Benders’ Ball Nashville?

The Circuit Benders’ Ball is a daylong symposium dedicated to the art of the bend, taking place on Saturday, September 29th. It will feature two stages, over a dozen performers, an interactive art gallery, and workshops.

We have invited circuit bent artists from Tennessee and beyond to perform and lead electronic workshops. The afternoon workshops are open to all ages and all levels of experience. In the evening, experimental musicians and sound artists will perform with circuit bent instruments, custom-made electronics, and/or battery-powered electronic devices.

If you’re curious about experimental music, making stuff, electronics, art, hacking, and sonic mayhem, this event is for you!

The Ball will take place on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at Brick Factory Nashville, a hackerspace, community workshop, educational facility, art gallery, and performance space.


Roth Mobot – Chicago
Blight Side of Life
– Nashville
Brain Lesion
– Murfreesboro, TN
Elegant Bassterds (Ben Marcantel and Derek Schartung) – Nashville
Josh Gumiela, Kelli Shay Hix, Lucas McCallister – Nashville
Hadals – Nashville / Montgomery, AL
Joey Molinaro – New York City
Nashville Robotic Philharmonic – (Zack Adams of CMKT4) Benton, KY
Pimpdaddysupreme – Nashville
Pineapple Explode – Nashville
Posttaste (Tommy Stangroom of Square People) – Nashville
Teletron Orchestra (Dylan Simon and Ken Soper) – Nashville / Murfreesboro


Times are approximate and are subject to change.

IN STAGE: 8:15-8:30 Posttaste
OUT STAGE: 8:35-8:50 Elegant Bassterds
IN STAGE: 8:55-9:10 Kelli Shay Hix / Josh Gumiela / Lucas McCallister
OUT STAGE: 9:15-9:30 Pineapple Explode
IN STAGE: 9:35-9:50 Teletron Orchestra
OUT STAGE: 9:55-10:10 Brain Lesion
IN STAGE: 10:15-10:50 Roth Mobot


IN STAGE: 11:05-11:20 Pimpdaddysupreme w/ Matt the PM
OUT STAGE: 11:25-11:40 Hadals
IN STAGE: 11:45-12:05 Joey Molinaro
OUT STAGE: 12:10-12:25 Blight Side of Life
IN STAGE: 12:30-12:50 Nashville Robotic Philharmonic

House DJ of WEIRD: Gabriel Batres

Visual Artists:

Benton Bainbridge
Rhendi Greenwell

Josh Gumiela
Ryan Hogan
Matt the PM
Aric Vance

Tilman Zitzman


Build a BuckAWatt Boost Kit

Build a Buckawatt Boost Kit Custom Printed Circuit Boards

Tickets for the workshops are limited. While a few tickets may be available at the event, we highly recommend you purchase your tickets in advance via TheSkillery.com.

Chip to be Square: Build Your Own Synthesizer

10:00AM – 1:00PM, Brick Factory Nashville

Build your own square wave sequencing synthesizer! A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument capable of producing a wide range of frequencies (notes) to make melodies. Square waves are one of the most commonly used waveforms in all synthesizers. They sound somewhat rough to our ears and might remind you of old 8-bit video game systems such as the Atari 2600 or Nintendo Entertainment System.

By the end of the 3 hour session, you will have built your own synthesizer! Workshop cost includes all supplies. Just bring yourself. No previous electronic experience necessary.

Price: $55. Buy tickets.

Intro to Circuit Bending w/ Roth Mobot

2:00PM – 5:00PM, Brick Factory Nashville

In this workshop, you will take apart an old toy and make a brand new musical instrument! You’ll be able to identify and explore the basic components of a typical circuit board, the basics of soldering, install output jacks, switches, body contacts (and more!), and control a world of new sounds. Workshop cost includes all supplies EXCEPT the toy. Just bring yourself and 2 toys to bend. No previous electronic experience necessary.

IMPORTANT: This workshop is BYOT (Bring Your Own Toy). Participants are required to bring 1 battery-powered device (with batteries!) to the class. It’s best to bring 2 toys … Some toys just don’t bend. Sometimes a toy fries during the workshop. We don’t want anyone to be left out.

What’s a good toy to bend? Find out on Roth Mobot’s workshop page: http://www.rubbermonkey.org/rothmobot/workshops.htm

Price: $45. Buy tickets.

Build a Buckawatt “Bend-a-Boost” Modular Boost Kit

5:30PM – 7:00PM, Brick Factory Nashville

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to build and design a single stage amplifier using sockets. Attendees will practice beginner soldering skills, populating a circuit board with sockets, before experimenting with a number of different custom biasing configurations with no additional soldering.

The Bend-a-Boost is a transistor-based boost kit. It can be used to add color and character to other devices and can be configured in a number of different ways to create signal clipping and oscillations. It has practical applications for circuit benders and stomp box lovers alike and teaches building blocks of amplification, overdrive, and fuzz. Workshop cost includes all supplies. Just bring yourself. No previous electronic experience necessary.

Price: $45. Buy tickets.

Official Sponsors: